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Why Us

A responsible and innovative organization focused on patient satisfaction and community needs:

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient-Centred Care
  • Patient Safety & Respect
  • Prioritize safety, quality and the patient experience in everything we do
  • Commitment to Our Community
  • Motivation & Teamwork
  • Patients come first – Total Patient centric approach
  • Customer-Centered Services at Reasonable Cost
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Striving for Continuous Improvement
  • Collaboration
  • Open Communication
  • Excellence and Innovation in diagnostic Care and Research
  • Establish internal and external partnerships to integrate and coordinate patient services effectively.
  • Pursue excellence in everything we do with continuous improvements in quality, service and cost-effectiveness.
  • Value and respect the differences of the patients and families who seek our care as well as those who provide that care.