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News & Events

  • Launch of Patient Care Cell
  • Corporate Alliance with Sarvodaya Hospital
  • State of the art Mamography machine installed
  • Corporate Alliance with Columbia Asia

A Glance

Kalyaan Diagnostics is committed to serve the patients with high... Read more

Why Us


A responsible and innovative organization focused on patient... Read more

About Us

Kalyaan diagnostics was launched in October - 2011 with a mission to provide quality Diagnostic Services for the community in a socially responsible and cost effective manner. Kalyaan Diagnostics is committed to serve the patients with high quality state-of-the-art updated medical & diagnostic Centre facilities services in all medical specialties.

Kalyaan diagnostics policy on quality is best explained by the following objectives

  • Provide continous and regular training for employees to bring out the best in them to achieve quality improvement.
  • understand the needs of the patients and uphold the standards of professionalism to improve the level of patient satisfaction.
  • provide quality services that is responsive, efficient, courteous and helpful
  • provide and update new and latest technologies in the field of diagnostics

The Diagnostic center has all advanced facilities required for aiding accurate diagnosis, Round the clock emergencies are taken care efficiently with qualified, experienced and dedicated  staff.

Our team comprises of members, including reputed doctors, efficient management, pleasant, reception, dedicated radiographers- technicians, fast medical transcriptionist,  helping and cooperative supporting staff.... Read more

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Ultimate Browsers Support Magnetic Resonance Imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, or...

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Ultimate Browsers Support Mammography is the process of using low-energy X-rays (usually around 30 kVp) to examine the...

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Ultimate Browsers Support An X-ray machine is special kind of camera that takes a picture of things...

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Ultimate Browsers Support The science of the causes and effects of diseases, especially the branch of...

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